be my oppa

cristy | sixteen | australia |100% asian | spazz acc for dem asian oppas ♡ get the feeling?

………fairy idols?

Hoseok & Jungkook in America for not even five minutes and already trying their hardest not to cry


"You like Bangtan?  Name all the members"

Wrap muncher

Gin and tonic

Natural sweetner

Gay hope



John Cook

xiulay would rather dance cutely together than fight with everyone else


trying to seduce your teacher into letting you answer the question be like


3/10 of k in onstyle i ii
BIGBANG (sans T.O.P) + Katy Perry
favorite lee bona moments i ii


if u like block b but u dont have the heart 2 make fun of em may i suggest a softer, simpler group? a beginner group w/ a friendly atmosphere? like b1a4 or shinee??